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Private Client

We provide creative tax planning advice and act as tax counsel to high-net worth individuals, families and family offices. We advise U.S. residents and nonresident individuals on issues of federal, state and local income tax relating to their personal matters, investments and business activities and develop structures to achieve maximum tax efficiency. We counsel peripatetic individuals and dual citizens regarding issues of tax residence, treaty benefits and relinquishing U.S. residency or citizenship. We coordinate and consult with clients' advisers in other states or countries to ensure global tax efficiency.

We advise families of considerable wealth located around the world on matters of U.S. federal and state gift and estate taxation and the efficient preservation and transfer of their wealth. We devise and advise on succession strategies for the tax-efficient transmission of wealth between generations and across international borders. We form family limited partnerships and limited liability companies and advise on the transfer of interests among family members. We frequently work with clients' trusts and estates advisors to provide an objective overview of gift and estate plans and to ensure that such plans are consistent with income tax objectives and current business and investment structures.

We advise on all aspects of trust-related taxation and on the formation and structuring of trusts. We advise U.S. and non-U.S. grantors regarding the income, gift and estate tax implications of transfers to domestic and offshore trusts and on the formation and taxation of grantor trusts. We advise trustees of domestic and offshore trusts and trust beneficiaries (U.S. and non-U.S.) on issues relating to the taxation and reporting of trust income and trust distributions, including distributions of accumulated income by offshore trusts, income characterization and transactions between trusts and beneficiaries.

We assist and advise individuals and families with their charitable and philantrhopic activities and objectives. We advise regarding charitable deduction limitations for various assets and interests and with respect to structured giving arrangements such as charitable remainder trusts. We structure and advise regarding the formation, registration, tax exemption and operating restrictions and requirements of charitable private foundations and operating foundations.